Payment for our services expected at the time of services unless special arrangement is made. Most clients leave cash or a cheque on the kitchen counter on the cleaning day. Please make the cheque payable to “Greencare”.

Access to Client’s Home

Most clients give us a key to their home or garage door combination for easy access. Some clients prefer to leave a key outside in the mailbox, however, this is not recommended for obvious security reasons. Greencare prefer to have a key or garage combination code.

Cleaning Visit Cancellation

We understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel your cleaning visit. We require 48 hours notice so that we may try to fill the spot with another cleaning. We understand that emergencies do arise and we are sympathetic to that.

Arrival Time for Cleaning

On your scheduled cleaning day please understand there will be a window of time the cleaner (s) will be arriving. It will usually be something like early morning, late morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon.

Time of Service

Our regular housework cleaning service is set in block times. Normally one or two staff members will service your home in two, three, or four cleaning hour sessions.

All staff members work directly for “Greencare” and are bound by their contract of employment with us. We therefore ask that you do not offer private employment.


Our diary is always forwarded four weeks in advance. We request that if you no longer require our services that four weeks notice is required in writing or phone to terminate.

Cleaning Products & Equipment

Our service includes all the necessary organic cleaning products and equipment for the job.  We do not carry bleach or any toxic products.